Alone. The sensors of my crashed ship were formal : there was no lifeform on this planet. Not a single drop of water, just a giant desert of dunes. I was alone beneath a splendid sky of unknown stars and I started to name them while walking, toes in the sand. I was talking loudly, pointing my finger at those new constellations.
– Here is the VersionControlTroll ! There the TextEditorFlamewar !
Suddenly, my body was stopped and the shock sent me to the ground.
– Please, pay attention while walking.
– Sorry, I replied.
I rose and continued :
– And this one will be the UselessBlogMeme…

This is my first drabble attempt as an answer to Scott’s post. The are lot of other participants but pay attention, some are cheating with their word count ! This is my current favourite but I would have replaced the last « heads » word by « hackergotchies ».

Je suis @ploum, ingénieur écrivain. Printeurs, mon dernier roman de science-fiction, est disponible en précommande. Abonnez-vous pour recevoir mes billets, partagez-les autour de vous et n'hésitez pas à me soutenir sur Paypal. Votre soutien, même symbolique, compte beaucoup pour moi. Merci !

Ce texte est publié sous la licence CC-By BE.

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