A brief « Linux on the desktop » retrospective

2002 – Debian Debian, the OS your mother would use if it was 20 times easier. 2005 – Ubuntu Mom ! Please ! Get away from my computer, I have important stuffs[1] to do ! MOM ! PLEAAAAASE ! Notes [1] Reading slashdot and planet.gnome, for example Recevez les billets par mail ou par RSS. […]

The Ploum’s Ultimate Anti-Spam Solution

Warning : This joke is not related to the real Ploum Engineering company, a great (and friendly) specialist in technical consultancy. You are probably looking for them !


Tired of Spam ? Tired of junk in your mailbox ? For a long time now, we have developped, in the biggest secret, a new technology. Ploum is proud to present you the ultimate solution to fight against Spam.

Marre du Spam ? Marre de cet envahissement permanent de votre boîte aux lettres ? Depuis longtemps et dans le plus grand secret, nous avons développé une techologie révolutionnaire. Ploum est fier de vous présenter la solution ultime pour combattre le spam.

It’s a long way to the top…

… if you wanna rock-n-roll

This week-end, I went to the FOSDEM. It was awesome ! I learnt a lot of things, I put a lot of faces on nicknames and a lot more bodies on well known hackergotchies. Awesome, awesome !

Hackers @ FOSDEM

À mes lecteurs francophones : le nombre de mails s’inquiétant de voir mon blog prendre une tournure essentiellement anglophone me rappelle que je vous néglige un peu ces temps-ci. Rassurez-vous, ce n’est que temporaire, je ne pourrais me passer d’écrire des bêtises en français. Seuls mes billets en anglais seront publiés sur PUC. Si vous désirez ne lire que mes billets dans la langue de Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, vous pouvez utilisez ce fil. Un grand merci à tout ceux qui me font l’honneur de me lire régulièrement. 🙂

Official Ubuntu ID cards announced

You have probably heard that our beloved Sabdfl is traveling a lot those times, keeping a mysterious smile on his face each time you ask him : « Why ? ».

End of a mystery, it seems that the Ubuntu foundation has reached an agreement with 3 governments : Belgium, Sao Tome and Principe, Liechtenstein.

Ubuntu members from those three countries will receive soon an new ID card that looks like and fully replace their old one but with a distinct sign indicating they are an Ubuntu Member. This ID-card is fully official and supported by your government. The only differences are :
– Your Ubuntu nickname will be displayed next to your birth name (allowing you to use it on official documents.)
– An small Ubuntu logo will be displayed somewhere (depending on your country)
– Your ID picture will be replace by your hackergotchi (remember to quickly upload an ISO-0401 compliant hackergotchi on your launchpad accound if it is not yet).

Ubuntu ID cards

May 19th – The Open Discussion Day – 19 mai

May 19th will be the « Open Discussion Day » : goodbye legacy IM. The goal of this day is to promote open protocols and interoperability in everyday life.

ODD logo

Le 19 mai sera le « Open Discussion Day » dont le but est de promouvoir les protocoles ouverts et l’interopérabilité dans la vie de tous les jours. Certainement l’occasion de se débarrasser des ses vieilles habitudes.

The captive clown

Clown in a prison Have you ever imagined what would Internet be without an open email protocol ?

Each provider would have his own email protocol. People with an @yahoo.com address would only be able to speak with @yahoo.com addresses, @bigcompany.com would only be able to exchange with @bigcompany.com and so on.
In order to speak with all your friends, you will have between 5 and 10 different addresses. Each address would require his own client ! 10 mail clients ! Hopefully, some free and non-official clients would support multiple protocols. Or try to support them after a massive reverse engineering work…

Guess what ?

This is exactly the instant messaging world we are living in… Sadly…

Avez-vous déjà imaginé ce que serait Internet sans un protocole de courriel ouvert ?

Chaque fournisseur disposerait de son propre protocole. Les personnes avec les adresses en @yahoo.fr ne pourrait communiquer qu’avec les adresses en @yahoo.com, @monfournisseur.fr ne pourrait discuter qu’avec des @monfournisseur.fr etc.
Pour être sûr de communiquer avec tous vos amis, vous auriez entre 5 et 10 adresses mail. Chaque adresse aurait besoin de son propre client de messagerie ! 10 lecteurs d’emails ! Heureusement, quelques clients non-officiels seraient disponibles qui supporteraient tous les protocoles. Ou du moins essayeraient de les supporter…

Vous savez quoi ?

Ce monde est exactement celui de la messagerie instantanée dans lequel nous vivons… Malheureusement…

The Long Term Support Flying Car

Traduction française disponibleTradução no português

Once upon a time, on a little lovely blue planet, lived a man who thought that it would be so cool if everyone could have a free and ecological flying car. Yes, he had a long-term vision of the world. You might not trust me but, at this time nearly 99% of the population was driving old, smelly and noisy rolling cars. Yes, that kind of car with four wheels that stay on the ground.

Unbelievable ? Remember, it was a long time ago.

Les spammeurs vont se faire bayeser !

This article is only intended for people who have or want to have a self-administrated mail server. Normal people can safely ignore this and read something else.

You have set a mail server on a Debian/Ubuntu box and you are proud of it. This is fine. You followed some tutorials and have a working SpamAssassin integration. Fine ! But there is still a problem : most spam emails are not considered as spam because they are beneath the 5.0 threshold. You thought about lowering the threshold but you had too many false-positive, especially from your hotmail/yahoo friends. So, we will polish a bit your SA installation and add some cool anti-spam stuffs.