Don’t be fooled ! Keep Internet Explorer at all cost !

by Ploum on 2004-11-09

Maybe you’ve heard some people around you urging you to change your web browser.


Those people use strange words like « Mozilla » or « Firefox » (a fire fox… is that real?). Be careful, they’ll try to convince you to forget about Internet Explorer arguing that « the 1.0 version is available. Don’t do anything like that ! Internet Explorer can do so much for you…


Whenever one suggests you install Mozilla or any other standards compliant browser, just tell him you’re for the web’s unicity, there’s only one standard, the one you paid for when you bought your computer !


PS : I originally wrote this text in french. It was translated by the community (Many thanks to folks of linuxfr and from Mozillazine. the text and the translation are in the Public Domain. »

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