Do you want to come for a dinner tomorrow ?

by Ploum on 2004-11-29

Check this URL ! Very funny..


Don’t forget my CD when you come tonight


Have a good night and enjoy your dreams

That’s the kind of message I send everyday using Jabber. Most of the time, I don’t care about the online status of my contacts. If they are online, they will maybe answer me in a few seconds. If not, in a few hours.

But if my contact of choice is not online, I have to do following actions in my Jabber client [1] click to display my contact list, set display offline contact, browse in the huge list of contacts, send the message, revert to display online people only. That’s boring! But I do this everyday for a few contacts only. It will be so cool to have them on my desktop, only one click away.

I’ve different buddies group. Sometimes, I want to see very quickly all contacts of a specific group. I also want to be able to put one contact in different groups.

For all other contact that are not on my desktop, an contact-list applet should be enough, showing online contact then offline contact and allowing me to »type ahead »(like search in mozilla).

The contact-list applet would be also useful when you just want to chat, looking only for an online contact.

All those ideas are very well summarized by Bertrand in his blog and in the FriWikiWiki.

To work, a centralized IM system will be needed. But Bertrand think that it can be done.

I hope to see the result of this huge brainstorming soon… 🙂


[1] Gaim is so awful IMHO ! There will never be GnomeMeeting integration integration and the interface is so anti-HIG ! A fork is the best choice, I think.

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